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Jacks magic compost 50 litre bag



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  • Jacks magic compost 50 litre bag  - Planters
  • Jacks magic compost 50 litre bag  - Planters



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Enrich your garden with Westland Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost – 50 litre pack ideal for everything including seed sowing, potting, populating garden borders and containers, and so much more. The incredibly rich peat–based compost makes a perfect fertiliser for medium plants and food products.

Whether you’re a budding beginner or an advanced gardener, you’ll be able to cultivate a rich variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers to impress any visitor to your home thanks to Jack’s magic formula. Enriched with seaweed and added organic fertiliser, you’ll be sustaining your garden with important nutrients and creating a healthy foundation for future outdoor projects.

All you need is one easy application of this compost to keep your plants healthy for a month! That’s right: this 50 litre pack makes a great investment as it continues to feed your plants for four to five weeks! To use, simply pull apart gently so the compost regains its natural, crumbly texture and spread as desired in your garden.

If you need a little more guidance in the garden, the packaging comes with a list of helpful tips and tricks for an array of planting techniques to help you make the most of this magical compost.

Please note: Store in a dry environment and away from any chemicals to avoid compromising the compost. We also recommend wearing gloves before handling and keeping away from ericaceous (lime–hating) plants.


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