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Owatrol Penetrating oil for wood with UV protection

Owatrol Oil


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  • Owatrol Penetrating oil for wood with UV protection - Paints & Oils
  • Owatrol Penetrating oil for wood with UV protection - Paints & Oils



  • If you are looking for a finish that brings life to older wood and allows the wood to shine through then Textrol is perfect for doing just that. It is also great if you are looking for protection from the effects of moisture, UV rays and weathering.
  • The maintenance of Textrol is very simple too, there is no sanding required and you can bring the finish back to life with a few localised touch–ups wherever you may need them.
  • When Textrol is first applied it will leave the wood looking nice and rich. Over time this will fade into a lighter colour to give the finished look. Using this oil–based wood finish gives you the best of both worlds. It provides brilliant protection from the elements while enhancing the beauty of the wood.
  • Applying Textrol to hardwood or softwood couldn’t be simpler, it is a nice and quick process with very simple clean up. As Textrol’s place is within the wood, the application process involves repeated coats being applied ‘wet–on–wet’ until no more oil can be absorbed into the wood.


Textrol is a penetrating wood oil finish for exterior softwood and hardwood on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is a penetrative product which saturates the wood to protect it from within – as there’s no film on the surface it will not peel or flake.

Textrol enhances the natural beauty of the wood whilst providing a mildew–resistant finish with exceptional and long–lasting protection from the effects of moisture, weathering and UV rays. It can be applied wet–on–wet which saves time as you don’t need to wait for coats to dry during application and the maintenance is easy with local touch–ups and no laborious sanding required!

When first applied, Textrol will give the wood a rich, matt colour which will gradually lighten over time to the finished look.


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