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Ocean Blue Pebble 20mm

20Kg Bag


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  • Ocean Blue Pebble 20mm - Landscape Stones
  • Ocean Blue Pebble 20mm - Landscape Stones



  • Delivery of a Cubic Metre Bag (800Kg)
  • Area 1: BT3, 4, 5, 6, 16, 23 : £60
  • Area 2: BT18, 19, 20, 21 : £72
  • Area 3: BT22 : £96


The 20mm Ocean Blue Pebbles are a delightful addition to gardens and landscaping projects. Here are some key features of these pebbles:

Appearance: These pebbles are rounded and come in a blend of bluish greys, with occasional calcite fossilized detailing. You’ll also find hints of cream and buff inclusions. When wet, the color deepens, creating a beautiful effect.

Versatility: The Ocean Blue Pebbles are suitable for various landscaping purposes:

Water Features: They work well in water features, adding a natural touch.

Garden Borders: Use them to create attractive borders around your garden.

Rockeries: Arrange them in rockeries for texture and depth.

Ponds: These pebbles are fish–friendly and can enhance the aesthetics of your pond area.

Color Palette: The cool, minimalist colors include blue–grey tones alongside cream and buff stones. Their muted appearance makes them suitable for both period properties and modern builds. Whether you have a white interior or a darker garden design, these pebbles complement various styles




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