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Liberon Garden Furniture Cleaner 1L



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  • Liberon Garden Furniture Cleaner 1L - Paints and Oils
  • Liberon Garden Furniture Cleaner 1L - Paints and Oils



  • This garden furniture cleaner comes in a 1L tub and is perfect for exterior use. The cleaner should be applied with a scrubbing brush and should be left to dry for at least 24 hours. This price includes VAT.


Garden Furniture Cleaner for Wood removes dirt, mildew and grime from greying exterior wood, and thoroughly prepares the timber for re–oiling. A water–based formula, it is ideal for cleaning most types of old, wooden garden furniture and natural decking that has dulled and faded over time. It also helps to remove black spotting caused by mould or lichen, as well as prevent the re–growth of fungi.


Coverage of 1L(M²):


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