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Liberon Anti Slip Coating 2.5L



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  • Liberon Anti Slip Coating 2.5L - Paints and Oils
  • Liberon Anti Slip Coating 2.5L - Paints and Oils



  • This Anti Slip coating comes in a 2.5L can an is perfect for interior and exterior use on wood or paved areas. Once applied, the coat should be left to dry, 30 minutes to touch and 12 hours final; to apply use a brush or medium haired roller. This price includes VAT.


Anti–Slip Coating provides a non–slip surface on highly smooth and polished interior and exterior flooring, even when wet. UV and water resistant, it is suitable for use on cement, concrete, stone, paving and wood, or in areas of high humidity such as patios, decking, utility rooms and swimming pools. Providing a clear coating, it does not alter the look of the surface.


Coverage of 2.5L (M²):


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