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Cuprinol Grey–Away Restorer 2.5L



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  • Cuprinol Grey–Away Restorer 2.5L - Paints & Oils
  • Cuprinol Grey–Away Restorer 2.5L - Paints & Oils



  • Wearing suitable protective gloves, apply liberally with a brush. The wood will start to lighten in colour. Immediately after application work into the surface of the wood, using a mild abrasive scrubbing pad or stiff bristle brush. Leave to stand until no further lightening occurs, but for no more than 15 minutes.Wash off with plenty of water using a watering can or hose. When washing off, avoid splashing onto plants or grass. This price includes VAT.


Cuprinol Decking Restorer is a fast acting gel that takes just 15 minutes to work to transform grey, weathered decking back to its original appearance. Ideal for use before applying a Cuprinol decking oil or stain.


Coverage of 2.5L(M²):


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