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Cuprinol ‘Ultra Tough’ Wood Filler



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  • Cuprinol ‘Ultra Tough’ Wood Filler - Paints & Oils
  • Cuprinol ‘Ultra Tough’ Wood Filler - Paints & Oils



  • Always replace the lid on the catalyst after use. Ensure to keep away from skin and Eyes. This price includes VAT.


First– surface preparation of the timber must be carried out. Identify the extent of the decay with a sharp instrument. Cut out the badly decayed and very soft wood areas.Remove paint, varnish or dirt and ensure timber is dry before using the product. In terms of application, only mix an amount of wood filler that can be used within 10 minutes. Using a hard surface, mix the filler and catalyst paste(40mm) with a putty knife until no streaks are left within the mixture. Apply a thin layer of mixer into the hole pressing well to get good adhesion. Leave for 30 minutes under normal conditions and sand with sandpaper once hard.


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