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Cuprinol ‘Clear’ Wood Preserver



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  • Cuprinol ‘Clear’ Wood Preserver - Paints & Oils
  • Cuprinol ‘Clear’ Wood Preserver - Paints & Oils



  • Apply 2–3 uniform coats with a brush or dip for at least 3 minutes if practical. Apply the second coat after the first has soaked in. This product may take 1–5 days to dry fully under typical conditions. Ensure wood is fully dry (allow 6–8 weeks), or use a vapour barrier such as heavy duty polythene (as used for damp proof membrane), before laying plastic floor coverings, rubber backed carpets or underlay, hanging vinyl wallpaper or using mastics. Can be applied normally to treated wood after the preserver has dried. This price includes VAT.


Cuprinol Wood Preserver Clear (BP) is a colourless general–purpose preserver for interior or exterior use. It gives deep penetrating protection to sound wood against decay, mould and blue–staining fungi. This low odour formula has been specially developed with low aromatic solvents to make it more pleasant and convenient to use.


Coverage of 2.5L(M²):


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